There Is A Light…


…and it never goes out. Well, it does, but not in the same way that flashes do. We’re talking about constant light, a.k.a. tungsten.

Renowned fashion photographer Miss Aniela wrote of tungsten lighting “I consider constant lighting to be an exciting continuation of all those improvised tungsten sources I’ve liked to use in the past, but a more controlled way of illuminating a scene by eye.”

Roomsets like our shot above, lit with a state-of-the-art ARRI lighting rig and shot using a long exposure, show a controlled but natural flow of light, creating a more realistic impression of daylight. This image and many like it are photographed daily at our West Yorkshire studio. Don’t be fooled by the greenery, that’s the work of our Photoshop wizards. Check out or previous post ‘Behind Every Great Man‘ for more info on what the post production team get up to.

Browse our roomset portfolio for more examples of tungsten lighting and feel free to share your thoughts on and experiences with tungsten below or by tweeting us at @Prodoto.

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