The House of DSLRs

In 2010 the season 6 finale of hit U.S. TV show ‘House M.D.’, starring Britain’s own Hugh Laurie, was filmed entirely on two Canon EOS 5D MKII DSLR cameras. Though DSLRs are usually reserved for still image shooting, using the 5Ds made it easier for the film crew to shoot in small spaces with little natural light and also gave a dramatically narrow depth of field that many industry standard TV cameras are not able to produce.

Though the facility to shoot high definition video is now something of a standard feature on most new DSLRs, the 5D remains a favourite for DSLR filmmakers. The above is a promotional video shot by Prodoto for a specialist running company, Ashmei, shot on location in and around West Yorkshire. Following in the House crew’s footsteps, our videographer used a technique known as lens slapping to produce an in-out focussing effect, taking advantage of the 5D’s above-mentioned narrow depth of field to create dramatic transitions.

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