6 Reasons Your Products Need Professional Images

15 years into the 21st century, there is one thing we can be certain of: With a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device, most of us carry a camera at all times. The ease with which we take images these days means many people wrongly believe they can get shots as good as or better than a pro photographer themselves.

Whilst cameras have developed at an astonishing rate in recent years, there is simply no substitute for professional images. Here’s just a few reasons why:

product photography1. Lighting: What’s that little dark area on your product? That’s some important detail, lost by your phone camera. A professional photographer lights your products to ensure all your KSPs are in plain sight. Without professional lighting, you really are shooting in the dark. The right-hand image is a professionally lit product packshot in which the branding and silver finish are picked out by the lighting for maximum effect.

2. Detail: The true selling potential of your items is in the detail and quality of your products. A professional photographer sees things that the untrained eye does not and will pick out the uniqueness of your items with a variety of techniques not at the disposal of the iPhone photographer.

3. Post Production: Similar to picking out important details of your items in photography, a professional photographer knows how to make them shine using post production techniques. A pro knows the intricacies of finishing your images, reassuring the customer’s untrained eye that the product oozes quality.

fashion photographer4. Lifestyle: When your items are being shot in-situ, a pro knows the importance of conveying a lifestyle that coordinates with your brand. As much time can be spent on preparing a setting as shooting the items themselves. Only with a professional product photographer will the setting be just right.

5. Time: Whether you are the owner of a small business or the head of marketing for a multinational corporation, as a professional you are busy. You don’t have time to photograph your items, scrutinise the shots and process them to a professional standard. A pro commercial photographer, however, makes time to ensure your images are flawless and, in true artist style, won’t rest until they are.

6. Reputation: A professional photographer is proud of their work. They know that the final images provided to you represent their skill and effort. A photographer’s reputation is precious and not something taken lightly.

We pro photographers have a wealth of experience and techniques on offer, with which the true selling power of your items is revealed. We Instagram with the best of them, but only with a professional photographer will you receive professional images.

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