Fashion Photography Lighting Is Overrated… Or is it?

Sub_Sports_2nd_Location 0216

We recently shared on our Twitter feed an interview with fashion photographer Per Zennstrom who claimed that fashion photography lighting was ‘overrated’. Zennstrom’s claim here might initially be a bit of a generalisation. He elaborates that a fashion photographer can spend a lot of time tweaking the lighting for a fashion shoot and end up ‘losing’ the model. It’s true that the drama of a shot such as our above image from a recent sportswear shoot would be lost if we were to over-light the model; after all the drama of the shot lies in the use of shadows and the light caught by the dust cloud.

So would we say that the above shot indicates that lighting is overrated? No, but elaborate lighting for fashion like the above is sometimes unnecessary when the effect of this shot is created with a small-scale setup using hard light. The drama created by this simpler setup would imply that lighting is a key part of the image and certainly not to be underestimated.

Check out our model portfolio for more examples. Got any opinions or experiences on the use of lighting for fashion photography? Comment below or tweet us at @Prodoto.

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