The Camera vs. The Camera Phone: The Full 12 Rounds Or No Contest?


In several recent posts we have made reference to the ever-developing nature of mobile technology. It’s fair to say that most of us are carrying a camera at all times in the form of a smartphone, but is the idea that our smartphones are slowly wiping out stand-alone cameras a real possibility?

Earlier this year Business Insider UK pitted the archetypal smartphone, the iPhone 6, against Canon’s point-and-shoot Powershot SD1400 IS and its bestselling DSLR, the 5D Mark II. Though the analysis of the devices’ images was admittedly crude and presented in layman’s terms, one clear message rang true: There is no match for a DSLR. Citing the 5D’s superior capabilities in zoom, aperture control and shutter speed amongst many others, it was clear that for truly high quality images the DSLR firmly holds its ground against mobile and compact devices.

Though it is apparent that the DSLR is the king overall, there was interesting results between the iPhone and the Powershot. In the age of an endless list of photo sharing platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, we demand to be constantly connected to the web via our mobile devices. As a result of this our images may seem somewhat ‘old news’ by the time we’ve plugged in our point-and-shoot, dragged over our images and uploaded them to each platform. After all we only share our holiday pictures to make others jealous, right? Do this after you return from The Maldives and the only person you’re depressing is yourself!

The impact of the above is apparent in Business Insider’s comparison, in which the iPhone came up trumps on several tests when compared to the Powershot. Though the iPhone shoots at a mere 8 megapixels its automatic response to light and motion, coupled with its depth perception, make it a much better option for the casual photographer. Clearly the need for good shots on the move hasn’t gone unnoticed.

As professional photographers we’ll never give up on our DSLRs. It would be fair to say, however, that compact cameras such as the Powershot are not as vital as they once may have been.

Have any thoughts? Have you made your own phone vs. camera comparisons? Maybe you can make a case for the Powershot? Comment below and contact us on Twitter to make yourself heard.

Check out Business Insider’s original article here.

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