Getting The Most From Your Location Fashion Shoot

Though a lot of our work is shot within our sizeable studios near Hebden Bridge, we are partial to a trip out in order to get the right shot. Recent location shoots have taken us to local Northern cities, the Lakes and even deep into the woods! Being the UK’s go-to studio for roomset photography, we’re often asked by our fashion clients whether a roomset built in house would be preferable to shooting on location. The answer: It depends on the shoot, but fashion photography is invariably shot on location to convey a lifestyle, be it industrial, opulent, active… The list goes on.

Location_Fashion_PhotographyManaging Director Will Lack shares his location shooting expertise.

On location, resources can be limited, meaning the photographer often takes the reins, scouting locations, grabbing the right equipment, managing the shoot schedule etc. Our MD, Will, gave us a few top tips on location shooting:

1. Plan Your Shoot: “In photography,” says Will, “you are working by the day. In order to get the most out of your allocated shoot time you absolutely have to plan your shoot. Scout  your location, being sure to take test shots. You need to know when and where to shoot your specific shots. Write down questions beforehand and answer them as you scout: At what time of day does that window let in enough light to get the hazy shot? When will the location be too busy? When will it not be busy enough? Think, think and think again to ensure you have all bases covered. Trust me, it’ll be far less stressful on the day and you will have the time for the shot to come naturally.”

2. Take The Right Equipment: “Out there the goalposts are in a completely different position to when shooting in a studio setting. If you are relying on natural light you are likely going to have to shoot on a longer shutter speed than you would with flash heads. It might be worth investing in a cable release or wireless remote to make sure your camera is as stable as possible when capturing the image. Also think about your tripod. You’re going to be moving around a lot. You need it to be lightweight but stable. WEX has a great tripod buying guide online.

Location_Model_18“Scout  your location, being sure to take test shots. You need to know when and where to shoot your specific shots.”

3. Use Professional Models: This one is very much tailored to shooting fashion photography. “If I am working to a tight schedule it is a godsend to me to have an experienced model who knows exactly what to do,” says Will. “A model who is confident, who can bounce ideas around and who knows how to make them happen helps make shooting on location as painless as possible.

4. Hair and Makeup: Another fashion-specific tip, Will says: “Though a great model is key, if you are shooting fashion you will need a hair and makeup artist on location. We wouldn’t shoot a product in the studio without ensuring it is polished and looking its best, and out there working with a model you have to employ the same idea. A reliable hair and makeup artist is the polisher to the model’s product and will save you a lot of time.”

5. Have Fun: “This one tends to get lost in the stress of preparation,” says Will. “It’s key that you and your crew are comfortable with each other and your surroundings. If you are relaxed and are seen to be enjoying yourself whilst still getting the shots, they will follow suit.”

If you have any questions on location shooting, or any other tips you feel are useful, comment below or tweet us @Prodoto. Be sure to check back for more tips and coverage from the photography world.


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