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Creative & DetailThe images above show a number of creative ways we can help with your fashion photography. Stacks, rolls, coils, folded arrangements, different backgrounds, creative lighting, detail shots, hung, ruched detail, you name it, we've done it.

Creative arrangements are perfect for PR and catalogue. Have a look through the above shots and let your imagination run wild before you plan your next shoot with us.

If you want to see more creative examples from our fashion photographers, call us on 0800 998 70 60 or email and we will be happy to help.

Show contrasting colours of clothingStack 'em up...

What better way to show contrasting colours of clothing together than in a stack. You can show an arrangement or we can crop the image so that the frame is filled with vibrant colours. Close up views also bring out your garments' fabric, whether they are winter woolies or summer silks, our stack shots are perfect for a multitude of uses.

By arranging your garments in this way we are able to show more of your clothing together in one shot, an effective way of displaying a product of multiple colours or an array of rich flowing textures.

Browse through the creative fashion photography above and contact us if you would like to see more styles from our portfolio.

Bring out the contrast between the coloursRoll 'em out...

Another popular way of arranging your clothing is with coils, rolls, bundles or folds. This is another great way to show many items in just one shot and bring out the contrast between the colours. If you are unsure which arrangement will bring out the best in your brand, give us a call to talk to one of our fashion photographers or clothing stylists.

Images like these are becoming more and more popular as fashion brands seek new and innovative ways to set their clothing above the rest. We can also style on creative backgrounds such as coloured backdrops, distressed driftwood and in a room situation.

Lay 'em down...

Clothing styled flat and arranged in a creative manner such as the image to the right is a fantastic way to show your range and colours in the most attractive way possible, ideal for PR and brochure photography.

Maybe you want to consider something extreme to promote your brand, such as dramatic lighting, an extreme environment such as fire or ice, or a mountain stream. Our fashion photographers can easily create the natural sunlight of a summer field or the harsh winter outdoors using studio props, sets and lighting.




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We supply you with only the best product photography, with every picture strictly checked for quality before being released. Our product and fashion photographers are second to none, don’t believe us? Check out the portfolio. You’ll soon see why Prodoto is your first choice for the highest quality shots.

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