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Still Life Fashion PhotographyOn this page you can see examples of some of the different ways we can shoot still life fashion photography for you, or if you want us to be more creative by styling your clothing into stacks, rolls or coils, or any other specific arrangement you fancy, no problem, just give us a call. Our still life fashion photographers are just a call away if you need expert advice.

The carousel of images above features a selection of invisible mannequin and flat styled images. Perhaps they will give you some ideas for your next shoot with Prodoto.

If you have any queries just give us a call on 0800 998 70 60 or email us on

Photography using invisible mannequinsInvisible Mannequin

This method is by far the most popular way we are asked to shoot still life fashion photography. You can have your garments shot with any kind of styling or at any angle you specify.

Still life fashion photography on a mannequin will create a striking image and our stylists will work further magic on your clothing so that it appears as you want it to appear, representing your target market or customer demographic.

Our team of still life fashion photographers has developed specific techniques that allow us to provide you with the sharpest, cleanest, neatest fashion photography images possible, finished to the highest standards, colour matched and digitally styled to display your clothing in the best light.

Photography using flat styled clothingFlat Styled

Certain garments lend themselves more to being styled flat, which is an increasingly popular method, particularly in young fashion brands. Our stylists carefully bring out the natural fluidity and movement of the fabric so that the garment looks alive, appealing and vibrant.

Using techniques that we have developed and perfected over the years, we guarantee that our flat-styled imagery will work wonders for your brand, whether you are selling online, from printed catalogues or targeted advertising. This is why we are simply the best fashion photographers in the UK.

We can send a test shot before we begin shooting your range to make sure we have understood your styling instructions correctly as we realise that different brands will require different levels of ruching, movement and fluidity represented in the garments.

Our stylists use creative fashion arrangementsGet Creative

There's no doubt that the more creative you get the more striking your still life clothing will look. Whether you want to do a full range or just some hero items, we can help you get creative.

Creative fashion photography such as stacks, coils and rolls are highly effective when you need to show contrasting colours together, or we can shoot your clothing on different backgrounds such as varieties of wood, stone or in a room situation. These shots are particularly effective when you need to show the detail of the fabric close-up or highlight the way your clothing fabric flows naturally.

Click the above image to see some of our best creative fashion shots.




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We supply you with only the best product photography, with every picture strictly checked for quality before being released. Our product and fashion photographers are second to none, don’t believe us? Check out the portfolio. You’ll soon see why Prodoto is your first choice for the highest quality shots.

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