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Prodoto take things another step furtherWhen white background cut out or more creative imagery is still not enough, then look to Prodoto to take things another step further with lifestyle imagery.

The addition of props combined with other creative effects will raise the profile of your products to a higher level, perfect for web banners, hero products, cover shots and any other PR, advertising, sales or marketing material you are producing.

This page features many examples of lifestyle product photography, so browse the carousel above and contact us on 0800 998 70 60 or to discuss your requirements with us.

Props appropriate to your productsStylish Props

We will choose suitable props appropriate to your products to bring you the very best images.

From food to fruit, ice cubes to steam, rocks to tropical plants, we've used them all, and much more besides. We will make your products really stand out from your competition with clever propping and effective lighting, providing you with powerful, impactful images to promote your products.

Again, words can't really substitute for pictures here, so browse the carousel and example images above and contact us when you are ready to reinvent your lifestyle.

Realistic room set photographyRoom Settings

It's good to display your products 'in situ', showing where they are used most or to their full effect. There's no better way to acheive this than by realistic room set photography, put together quickly by our studio team and propped and lit suitably for your products.

Small cameo photography sets are ideal for this type of shot, where quite often the room in the background is out of focus yet is still recognisable and adds a strong degree of realism to the shot.

Whatever scale of image you need we can arrange the details for you. Perhaps for added realism your shots could feature a model using the product, or you could show the product being used in a variety of different ways? Call us to discuss your options.

Specific product features within a single shotProduct Features

As shown in the image above there are occasions when you need to show specific product features within a single shot in order to sell your products successfully.

When a magic mixture of creative lighting, props, image manipulation and creative direction is applied the final images are stunning. Ideal for advertising and marketing, or for specific commercial photography projects where something special is required to display your products in an innovative way.

There are a few examples on this page, but if you want to see more or discuss how this type of image would help you just get in touch.




More About Prodoto

We supply you with only the best product photography, with every picture strictly checked for quality before being released. Our product and fashion photographers are second to none, don’t believe us? Check out the portfolio. You’ll soon see why Prodoto is your first choice for the highest quality shots.

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Product photography from Prodoto is ideal for websites, brochures, PR, marketing & advertising material for many clients including well known names such as Asda, Which Magazine, M&S and Henri Lloyd, to smaller companies, individual businesses and advertising and web design agencies across the UK and abroad. Large and small – we work with them all.

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