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Cameo & detailDetail or cameo shots are very popular with our clients, showing delicate product or fabric, product features, textures and anything else you need to show detail. Our room set photographers know just how to show product features effectively.

Whether you have homewares, ornaments, electricals, toys, lighting, furniture, bedding or flooring, the hint of a room in the background provides an effective way to show your products in-situ or in an environment where they would most likely be seen and used.

Cameo and detail room set photography examples are shown above, but should you need to see more please give us a call on 0800 998 70 60 or email

The Devil is in the Detail BedThe Devil is in the Detail...

Well, the devil may not be in the detail but the selling power of your products may just be found here. If you are shooting bedding, for example, we can use cameo shots to focus on the patterns and delicate details that give your products that edge.

Textiles such as flooring or curtains and bedding also lend themselves perfectly to high quality details shots, showing clear, crisp textile detail that shows the quality of your products, or perhaps the fabric possesses special qualities that make your products superior. Whatever makes you stand out, we will help you get the best from it in your room set photography.

Up Close & Personal bedUp Close & Personal...

Sometimes it really pays to concentrate on the details to highlight the best selling potential. Our room set photography allows us to incorporate several cameo or detail shots during the main shoot so that the images you receive following the shoot represent the best views of your product possible.

All manner of product USPs would benefit from stylish close-up shots, including furniture fittings, delicate bedding details and kitchen gadgets. If you are unsure of which details to feature, don't worry, our room set photographers & stylists will give you the best advice based on our wealth of experience.




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We supply you with only the best product photography, with every picture strictly checked for quality before being released. Our product and fashion photographers are second to none, don’t believe us? Check out the portfolio. You’ll soon see why Prodoto is your first choice for the highest quality shots.

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