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Image creation for the next generation.

Telephone: 0800 998 70 60


If you don’t feature videos online, then you could be losing sales, which is why Prodoto offers this dynamic service. Video can show a wealth of product information in just a short time and including video on your site will boost online sales through improved search rankings and social media and provide a better experience for your customers.

Our video bay features an 8m fashion catwalk, Kino Flo lighting, two TV approved video cameras,  backdrop for the addition of brand logos if required, and spacious changing room & hair/make up facilities, perfect for online fashion video.

We also produce room set, product and location videos to compliment our stills photography. Products are brought to life in high definition video to add real selling power. Examples of our video services can be seen on this page.

To discuss any aspect of video services from Prodoto including pricing, call us on 0800 998 70 60 or email


Catwalk Fashion Video 1

Online catwalk video - these videos speak for themselves. Crisp, clean, perfect for your customers to see your clothing at its best.

Catwalk Fashion Video 2

Catwalk fashion video is used extensively by many fashion brands across the world. Call Prodoto to discuss your next project.

Catwalk Fashion Video 3

The catwalk video production area is a permanent feature of our studio. Call the team on 0800 998 70 60 for further information.

Room Set Video 1

Excellent for selling your products online, the example above shows you just what is possible. Video to expand your room set photography.

Room Set Video 2

With different styles of video available, your room set projects come alive to show your products in the most appropriate way.

Room Set Video 3

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, our videos are the perfect compliment for your furniture ranges, the ideal addition to still life room set photography.

Fashion Video

Our in-house catwalk fashion video provides crisp, clear videos, perfect for online selling, with models bringing out the very best in your fashion brands.

Creative Fashion Videos

Add an element of creativity to your online fashion video for even more selling potential. Here's just one example of this popular style.

Product Videos from Prodoto

Product videos are an excellent way of displaying your goods to the customer with a greater attention span and detailed viewing possible.