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SCS is a home furnishings retailer in the United Kingdom, specialising in sofas, carpets and flooring, dining and occasional furniture.
Our brief was to create two large, stylish living room sets for their Christmas sale TV adverts to showcase a range of various sofas and carpets. The room sets had to appeal to young professionals and inspire them to buy into the lifestyle of the brand.
The adverts were shot in our room set studio and were released over Christmas to promote their sofa and carpet sale reductions and delivery offers.
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Project Features
TV advert shoot
3 days filming
2 room sets built bespoke to SCS brief
16 sofa ranges
12 carpet ranges
Schedule list of over 70 different shots
23 crew members
3 models
Endless cups of tea and coffee!
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Project Description
The room sets were made bespoke to SCS requirements by our in-house set building team. Every angle and each detail considered, from the curtain rails down to the skirting boards. The rooms were then dressed by our stylists with various different props to compliment each range of sofa and carpet.

The shoot lasted three full days and within that time frame 16 sofas and 12 carpets were shot and three models were featured in the video taking part in various Christmas activities. Browse our 'behind the scenes' images below for a closer look.
Scs Video Traditional Left Wall
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