Room Sets

Our huge studio space and supporting facilities offer clients an unprecedented opportunity to create almost any style of room set photography (or suite of room sets) required.

With experienced photographers, in-house set builders and creative stylists, this service is a very popular service in our arsenal.

If you need a roomset quickly or on a budget we have several permanent sets already built in the studio which can be decorated and styled to suit your brief.


Full Room Sets

We realise that all of our clients are individual and sometimes that means designing, building and planning a large room set or series of bespoke room sets. If this is what you need, look no further.


Smaller Room Sets

Maybe you just need a couple of walls to give the impression of a larger room, or the hint of a corridor or room leading away from the main set. Smaller projects are easily managed by our team.


Cameo & Detail

Detail or cameo shots are very popular with our clients, showing delicate product or fabric, product features, textures and anything else you need to show detail. Our room set photographers know just how to show product features effectively.

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