How do your colours look on screen?

True to reality colours are key to your customer confidence, so how are they achieved?

From fashion to interiors, we all have our favourite go-to colours. In fact 84.7% of consumers attribute colour as the main reason for product purchases. As a result, e-commerce businesses can’t afford to take colour for granted.

Being consistent and accurate with your product photography builds confidence, trust and loyalty.

When a consumer returns a product because an item differs from the website photography, this has a negative impact on a brand (and in turn their profits). If colour isn't reflected correctly, businesses risk frustrating and losing customers.

22% of retail returns occur because a product looks different in person.

We understand the need for accurate product photography and checking product likeness is an integral part of our post production process.

How do we keep colours in check?

It has been calculated that there are somewhere in the region of 18 decillion varieties of colour; that’s an 18, followed by 33 zeros!

So before commencing a shoot, our Prodoto photographers start by using a grey card to get the correct white balance.

White balance

This ensures the camera captures the images with a close representation of the products realistic colour.

Colour match

However, even after white balancing, some cameras will have difficulties representing accurate colours, such as neons, pinks and reds.

After retouching, post production check each product under daylight bulbs - ensuring a good likeness is reflected between the physical product and the photography image.


Multiple angles and detail images are cross checked, making sure each product image matches one another.

Model, mannequin & more

Often mannequin and cut out imagery are shot on alternative days or sets to model and lifestyle imagery - different shoots can have different lighting styles. Images across the portfolio are checked and referenced, to ensure product colours are kept in check and balanced across marketing assets.

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Reliable image assets

Taking time to colour match products means we deliver images that inform and reassure consumers. Supporting continued e-commerce success with quality photography and attentive post production.

Learn more about colour matching and achieving high quality photography to showcase your products, speak to our experienced product photographers.

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