Fine Or Fashion?

The challenge is the same. Show off tiny details, features and mirror-like shine.

Cut stones and delicate chains are brought to life with expert lighting and styling at our professional jewellery photography studio.

With such an intensely personal choice, your customers want to be wooed, inspired and charmed by beautifully-clear, perfectly-presented, high-quality jewellery imagery.

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Brillint cut Diamond 5 stone V set ring 0 82ct back
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Precious Metals & Stones

Platinum, gold and silver metals, mixed with diamonds or a range of precious stones, present specific challenges in the photography studio.

Perfect shiny surfaces and faceted stones — with their unique fire and brilliance — demand huge care and attention.

Intricate details that are mere millimetres in size are captured in precise sharp focus by our specialist fine jewellery photographers.

Fashion Jewellery

Whether your ranges boast bold designs and bright colours, delicate details or an intense darker edge, we have the expertise to create images that really sell your designs.

With a greater mix of materials, fashion jewellery needs a slightly different treatment to make sure all of its elements are shown true to life.

Careful lighting brings out different finishes or textures, key when you have iridescent coatings, multiple components and colours to contend with.

Pop Hearts Pink Hanging
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Creative Imagery

Spark the imagination and increase desire for your products by adding eye-catching creative photography to your marketing portfolio. Tell a story; allow us to capture the intricacy, personality and craftsmanship of your designs.

You might be looking for fun, quirky shots for your fashion brand, or sophisticated images for your fine jewellery. Whatever you have in mind, there is a creative style perfect for you.

Whether for glossy print catalogues, ecommerce pages or digital marketing campaigns, call on our expertise, passion and knowledge to communicate authentically and powerfully with your audiences.

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The Finishing Touch

Choosing a piece of jewellery is an expression of personality and often emotion, so it is incredibly important to include accurate and engaging images on your sales platforms to help customers make that choice.

Let us help convey the beauty of your pieces with the highest quality photography, turning deliberation into desire and browsing into buying.

Talk to one of our friendly team about the different services we offer that will really make your jewellery images sparkle.

It only takes a minute

Prodoto: experts in professional jewellery photography

Showcase your ranges at their brilliant best.

Let our agency’s team of the country’s finest photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.

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