Getting Creative With Craghoppers

Creating a CGI enhanced jacket image for a long standing client.

We are proud to have been working with the team at Craghoppers since 2011, providing photography for their ecommerce platforms, and now supporting their need to communicate the ethics behind their brand in an innovative and creative way.

The Pember Jacket

As one of Craghopper's best selling styles, this jacket was one of several selected for a recent campaign highlighting their ”Mindfully Made” initiative.

This promotes the brands sustainable approach to garment development.

We had already shot the Pember on both mannequin and model, as usual for Craghoppers e-commerce images, including some detail shots to highlight the features of the jacket.

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The New Brief

To shoot the Pember jacket in the studio and then utilising clever CGI and retouching effects, morph and warp the transitions between the raw material - a plastic bottle - the jacket fabric and the finished garment.

The aim was to create really impactful imagery which could also be animated for added attention grabbing movement.

Stage One

The jacket was shot in our studio, this time not on a mannequin or model, but on one of our photography team.

Marcus posed perfectly to get the action style shot needed for this campaign.

Lead Photographer George dialled up the lighting to add drama and make the jacket really pop.

Stage Two

Once the jacket shape was defined, our CGI team could get to work on creating both the plastic bottle and the fabric wave effect which would merge the two.

Stage Three

With the wave created, the next stage was to add in the all important colour transition.

Moving from the cool blue bottle with added caustics of water reflections through to the fabric texture with orange colour pop of the Pember in Potters Clay colourway.

The final stage was to bring in the previously shot jacket image which had been through our normal ‘invisible mannequin’ post production process to add the inside neck and cuffs.

Prodoto’s Head of Creative, Steve, says

"The most important element at this stage was to ensure the meeting point of the wave and the jacket looked natural, so the wave flowed into the shape of the hood, shoulder and hip seamlessly."

The Finished Image

We created the same effect for a number of jackets in the Craghoppers range.

Craghoppers saw over 13.5 million impressions and generated over 6000 sessions on their website from newspaper websites online advertising and dynamic online adverts.

These images have been seen far and wide in cities around the North of England and up to Edinburgh and Glasgow, on billboards and buses, as well as in National newspaper weekend magazines.

The tagline “Take out the recycling” is added to reinforce the message that every Pember jacket is made from around 110 recycled plastic bottles.

"The campaign was great! The creative was widely used with really positive results"

Clare Grimshaw – Marketing Support Manager at Craghoppers

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Elison bus Manchester 2023 03 03 141637 luda
IMG 2558 2023 03 03 141631 ybao

Award Winners

In 2020 Craghoppers won the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award for Brand of the Year (>30m turnover)

This year they have been selected as finalists in the new ‘Positive Change’ category.

We have no doubt that they will be winners again in 2021.

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