360 Rotations

Today’s fast paced online retail environment demands more angles, more detail — just more of everything. Customers want to be fully informed before making their purchase and moving imagery always captures the attention.

Including 360 rotations in your image portfolio provides the perfect solution, showing your product in all its glory.

Satisfy the desire for more with professional 360 spin product photography, beautifully shot at our studio.

Red Camera

Turning Tables

To create the full 360 spin, your product needs to be set up on one of our turntables.

Rotations can be created with either shadows, reflections or completely cutout so they spin in 'mid air'. The choice is yours.

Controlling light and reflection is vital to ensure your product looks great from every angle.

All The Options

360 product rotations can be created from any number of still images, or shot on continuous video.

For stills, we recommend either 36 or 72 frames to create a spin. Below, you can see the different effects created by these two options. The more frames we shoot, the smoother the finish.

Video gives a completely smooth rotation, but the effect you prefer (and how you want to use the rotations) will determine the best option for you.

36 Frame Rotation

72 Frame Rotation

Video Rotation

Rotations From Stills

One downside to ecommerce is that you can’t engage with the product. Here, professional 360 photography provides a solution, empowering your customers.

Using stills to create rotations gives you options for user interaction on your website, meaning the movement can be controlled by the viewer.

This may be beneficial if you have a detailed product — the viewer can pause the rotation, or move it left and right, to focus on the angle they want to see in more detail.

Hugely successful for simple clean product rotations. This method also allows for different backgrounds to be dropped in behind your product if plain white is not what you have in mind.

Small Product Rotation

Full Body Mannequin Rotation

Large Scale Product Rotation

Using stills to create rotations means that product of any size can be shot and spun with relative ease.

Video Rotations

For smooth as silk rotations, with your product reflected in the surface below, video is a fantastic option.

Spin speed can be as fast or slow as you want to show your product perfectly. Use speed ramping or slow motion movement to create drama and excitement.

With video, expertly shot at our professional studio, you have the option to zoom in and out throughout the rotation, highlighting key areas or giving more detailed information.

Highlight Key Features

Show Close Up Detail

Give More Information With Annotations

Add annotations and graphics describing your main features, taking your rotation to another level. Convey your unique selling points and product functionality clearly and simply, informing and educating your viewers.

Annotating your 360 photography further smoothes and simplifies the product evaluation process, giving your customers all the detail, confidence and inspiration they need to choose your ranges.

Impart Important Information

Point Out USPs

In A Spin?

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, 360 rotation content is becoming more of a necessity than a nice-to-have.

It can enhance perception of your products and elevate your user experience — in turn, boosting your sales. By avoiding an expectations mismatch, 360 spins can also help minimise the risk of product returns, reflecting impeccably on your brand.

If you are not sure which option would work best for your product, why not talk to our experienced team? As an agency, we’ve helped brands of all sizes develop a powerful 360 product photography portfolio — so just drop us a message!

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