Missguided - Fast Fashion Shoot

We were asked to create a collection of e-commerce model images for Missguided and their various department store concessions; Selfridges, Hudson Bay and Nordstrom. Each concession had its own set of visual guidelines to comply with, including lighting, backdrop and styling.

It was extremely important that each image created, covered the specific brief requirements for each concession store. The final images would need fit seamlessly with their existing branded websites.

The challenge for the shoot was to ensure 4 different client briefs were met, all during 1 model shoot.

The Perfect Models

With so much to consider, we started at the beginning and arranged a model casting. A great model can not only bring the specified look Missguided where seeking, but also the right on-camera attitude and confidence to the shoot.

We sought models who fit the aesthetic Missguided needed; who had the ability to work well under pressure, take direction and appear relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Once the casting was complete, we were able to narrow down the extensive list of hopefuls, to a select final few.

Be Prepared!

A lot of preparation was required before the shoot took place; backdrops were built, bespoke to Missguided agreed specifications, model outfits organised for the stylist and hair & make up requirements finalised.

Pulling together a shoot schedule ahead of the day was essential to achieving a successful shoot. Our daily targets needed to be high, to ensure we met the required number of garments and detailed number of shots with in the tight production deadlines.

It was down to our organised Production Manager Lucy to create the shoot document. Highlighting each garments relevant styling comments, detailing the number of shots required and associated direction for each concession outlet.

Document Everything

The shoot document is our 'production-almanac'. Used by production, photography, post production and goods in to check in garments as they arrive, mark off as they are shot and processed through post production. This ensures we have a record of everything that arrives, what each garment needs and that every shot is taken! Necessary and essential for complicated multi-shot shoots.

We needed to hit the ground running to achieve the necessary high targets and tight deadlines – the detailed preparation was key to a successful shoot and a happy client!

Shoot Day

The Missguided model shoot team compromised of; our Prodoto fashion photographer, booked model, hair & make up artist and fashion stylist.

Once lighting, hair & make up and styling were set, we got to work. But not before we sent over some initial test shots to Missguided, making sure they were happy with the set, model and styling.

Once we got the green light, we worked hard and fast!

We had a lot to consider for each shot - the imagery had to be on-brand, fitting the Missguided look for hair, make up and styling. The model needed to look great and most importantly the garments had to look fabulous!

All the while ensuring we captured the specific variety of shots for each product group and concession outlet website – with 4 shots per garment, we had a lot to think about.

Quality Check

The quick turnaround on the images meant there was only a few days to complete the shoot and hand over post production. Our skilled re-touchers set to work, cleaning up backgrounds, polishing skin tones, removing blemishes and colour matching the garments.

Once the images had passed through post production, Production Manager Lucy cast her experienced eye over the completed imagery.

Making sure all the required shots were accounted for, we delivered the final images and garments back to Missguided.

Timely Delivery

All images were shot and delivered with in the tight 1 week deadline. Missguided were thrilled with the results. They were able to market their seasonal fashion products without delay and provide their retail partners with images suited to their individual websites.

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