A Face For Your Brand

Putting people into your brand marketing is game changing.

Modelled fashion is increasingly popular to showcase all types of clothing, but so is bringing the human element into product marketing to create aspirational images that sell ranges. Everything from flooring to food mixers can be enhanced by adding some life to your style.

Model Agency Headshots

Booking Options

Our Production team will be happy to help and advise when it comes to model bookings.

We can book models for you through our network of local and national specialist agencies, or if you prefer, you can book models directly and organise your own talent for your shoot.

Things to consider right at the beginning are where you want to use your images, and for how long, as these factors will have an impact on the costs involved in your project. Then you can get down to the fun part of choosing the perfect face to represent your brand.

Choices, Choices

If you book through the studio, we will discuss your brief with the most appropriate agencies and send you options for the models available for your shoot.

If needed, we can arrange castings so that you can compare your favourite models and be sure you make the right choice to suit your brand.

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Talent Agencies

Our first port of call when looking for models are our local agencies, as this helps keep fees lower, but if we don’t find the person you are looking for, we can cast the net wider to find the perfect one for your shoot.

We also work with a number of specialist agencies so if you are looking for a very particular set of requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

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On Set Rapport

Working with your brief for poses and facial expressions, the relationship between model and photographer is crucial for success.

Luckily, our experienced team are brilliant at putting models at ease to get the very best from your shoot!

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