Stylist Support

Working with the industry’s best and brightest talent means we have a stylist perfect for your project just a call away. Our large portfolio of experienced stylists, for both fashion and interiors, gives you a wealth of choice.

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The Choice Is Yours

Based on your brief, our Production Managers will be happy to recommend the stylist that best fits your requirements. If you have a preference, or someone that you have worked with before, we can liaise with the stylist of your choice.

Stylists are as unique as a fingerprint, and they bring an individual dynamic to your shoot which enhances your brand. Working within your guidelines to create a polished finish that reflects your look in the best possible way.

Big On Benefits

Not sure if your shoot needs a stylist?

Whether you are shooting creative product flat lays, modelled fashion or interior room settings a stylist will always add a positive spin.

From preparing ahead of the shoot, to having a finely tuned eagle eye on every shot, we guarantee that booking a stylist will make your shoot a success. Their experience in how the camera sees your product will save time and as we all know, time is money!

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Interior Design

If you are booking a stylist for a room set shoot the first task on their list will be designing your set. You may already have a clear idea of the room style you want, but if you don’t your stylist is there to guide and inspire you. From creating a room with features that work with your products, to selecting colours and finishes that enhance your brand, a professional stylist puts the design into your interior.

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Multi-Coloured Prop Shop

Whether your product is being shot on a model, or in a room setting, it’s possible that it may need some additional props to complete the look. Working to your brief, a stylist will select props either from our extensive studio selection, local prop hire companies or even specific purchases if needed, to get the perfect accompaniment for your ranges.

Fashion Styling

You have your own products, but maybe you need support selecting garments or accessories to complete the outfits. Or, maybe you want help putting your ranges together as different looks for your models. A fashion stylist can help with this pre-shoot preparation, shopping for the additional pieces that you need, and compiling a wardrobe of 'wear with' items.

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Shoot Preparation

A smooth running shoot is all about what happens beforehand. Ensuring that garments are prepared correctly, and racked up prior to the shoot in outfit order with all accessories to hand, all helps efficiency and accuracy on the big day.

Your stylist will work with you and our team to prepare the best running order for your shoot taking outfit changes into consideration.

Making The Magic Happen

It’s the day we’ve all been working towards – shoot day!

Whether you have chosen to attend your shoot, or are working remotely with our team, your stylist will be with you every step of the way. From styling models, or room sets to match your brief, to making suggestions for alternative options if needed. Your stylist will ensure that every shot looks picture perfect in every way.

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Want To Know More?

Just ask your Production Manager how using a stylist on your shoot could take your images to the next level, and get their advice on which of our many options would work best for you.

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Let our expert team of the country’s finest photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.