Added Details

Any type of creative or lifestyle shoot, whether it’s in a room set, on modelled fashion or product flat lay, can be helped along by the addition of carefully selected props. These can be used to enhance the mood of your images, tell a story or to complete the ‘real life’ look of your setting.

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From The Ground Up

Our team of set builders create new room settings on a daily basis. They have an extensive collection of different flooring, fixtures and fittings to choose from to create any look, from any period, in any room.
All the finishing touches to make your room true to life are in our prop store, ready and waiting.

Furnishing Your Set

Beds and sofas, tables and chairs, even bikes and surf boards, all can be chosen from our studio props. With a variety of styles and colours we are sure to have something to suit your set.

Complete The Picture

Add any extra details to your product shoot with props from our extensive collection.

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Finishing Touches

All the details that make a house a home can be found in our prop store.
Cushions and candles, bedding and baskets, whatever you need to accessorise your product shoot is easily on hand, right next to the studio floor.

Prop Hire

If you are looking for something quite specific for your shoot, we have great relationships with top prop hire companies near and far. Specialist vintage items or ultra-modern looks can all be catered for by choosing from their huge ranges of large and small props.

And, if you need a dragon…. We can even get you a dragon!

Here To Help

Whatever your shoot needs to support your product, we can help.

Talk to the team about what we have in our studio props, and what we can source for you to make your shoot complete.

We'd Love To Hear From You...

Let our expert team of the country’s finest photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.