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"Create inspiring first impressions through great fashion photography"
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Seasonal delights
From Spring/Summer into Autumn/Winter; with each new season, we work with you to create consistent images individual to your identity and fashion brand. Our comprehensive fashion photography studio brings peace of mind.

Whether you're a designer, manufacturer or retailer - we listen to your needs. Collaborating to create a brief and working together to build a portfolio of fashion images that work for you and your customers.
Your fashion, your style, your way
Whether you have an established look or are open to new ideas, we can support your existing style or guide you to develop fresh, creative fashion imagery. Providing you with commercial fashion photography for e-commerce, editorial and social media platforms.
Stop motion
Using stop motion animation enhances your website and social media content in many ways. Delight and entertain your audiences with the magic of animation. Presenting your garments and accessories using moving imagery, positively impacts customer engagement.
Catch the eye
Engage and inspire; tell a story with your products. Generate interest and help build trust in your brand by showing your customers how to wear a garment, use a tool or style an outfit.
Bring your products to life
Fashion and catwalk videos
What better way to show off your fashion pieces than to feature a catwalk or fit video. Understanding how a garment moves, fits and falls across the body, provides your audience with the power to purchase with confidence.
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Case Studies
Fabulous professional fashion photography
PRODOTO; the commercial fashion photography experts. Take a look at some of our previous projects, find out what happens behind the scenes and how each project is taken from concept to completion.
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