Can They Build It? Yes They Can!

Our full-time, in-house team of professional set builders have talents that cover all areas. Set design, joinery, tiling and scenic painting are all in a day’s work.

Log cabins in woodland, beach huts in sand dunes, two-storey hallways… nothing fazes our team. Big sets, small sets, indoors or “outdoors” — anything is possible.

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3D Sketching

Scale drawings of your set design can be produced to give you all the information you need when preparing for your shoot.

From window positions and sizes to wall heights and floor area, any dimensions you need can be supplied in a visual form. Make life easy by seeing exactly how your room set will work before we start to build.

Tools Of The Trade

All our departments rely on the right tools for their job, and set build is no exception. Our large on-site workshop is fully equipped to make set building smooth, and most importantly of all, safe for the whole team.

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Every member of set build has their own expertise. It’s what makes them such a great team.

Working together on construction, then taking the lead in their specialist subjects, they create structures that no-one will believe were captured in a studio when your images are published.

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It Doesn't Stop There

Our creative build experts are on hand throughout your photo or video shoot, supporting you and your stylist on set. From putting up curtain poles and light fittings to hanging pictures and moving furniture, they’re never far away, always steering your project towards success.

… especially if you have biscuits!

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Sets are built to our client specifications for each job, so many of them have a fleeting existence. Built for their five minutes of fame with attention to detail evident everywhere you look, once the camera is turned off, they have to make way for the next incredible creation.

Feature windows, doors and fireplaces go back into store, ready for their next outing. Floors are taken up and walls are taken down.

As leaders in set design and build for commercial photography and videography, we’ve worked on all sorts of projects for all types of brands. We are always excited to see what the next challenge will be.

Building For Success

If you would like to add lifestyle images to your portfolio, talk to our team about the advantages of in-house set build and how we can help you achieve those dreams.

Prodoto: Creative Photography Set Build Experts

Our team has decades of experience creating incredible set build environments. Tell us a little more about your project for a free, no-obligation quote.