Fashion Videography

Research is abundantly clear: moving images sell products. Social media platforms are constantly seeking to promote video over still images to capture, and hold, viewers’ attention.

This content can take many forms; from simple and informative to dramatic and entertaining. Including professional video production as part of your promotional resource is becoming a vital and accessible way for your customers to learn about you and your fashion products.

As a leading video production agency, let us help take your brand to the next level with professional fashion videography.

Video that sells

Most fashion brands are choosing to incorporate video into their marketing. It’s not hard to see why. Ecommerce continues to grow rapidly with consumers demanding more and more information before making purchasing choices.

In today’s digital world, video content is key for making that instant fashion consumer connection — boosting engagement, traffic and sales.

Incorporating video alongside still photography gives your audience greater detail and product understanding, bringing your garments and accessories to life. With 84% saying they have been influenced to make a purchase by watching a brand's video, why not add this powerful tool to your marketing content?

Creative Fashion

Take your fashion videography up a gear by adding creative lighting, backgrounds and movement, along with a variety of camera angles and dramatic editing.

Use annotations, speed ramping and slow motion effects to introduce drama, highlight features and convey key selling points that will excite your customers.

At our professional fashion videography studio, we make your clothing ranges move with creativity, passion, skill and decades of expertise — helping you stand out online.

Create Movement From Your Fashion Stills

Even if we have shot stills, it doesn't mean you can't have moving content. We can create exciting video from your still images with great end results.

Your Full Range In 15 Seconds

Create eye catching video from your modelled product shots to show every style in every colour.

The Details

For technical garments with performance details and specialist finishes, video is the perfect medium.

A large amount of video is watched on mobile devices with the sound turned off, so annotations or captions will increase engagement.

Combine modelled footage of your garments in action with text to convey unique features as they appear on screen. Introducing your logo and graphics too reinforces your branding.

Macro Close-Up

Extreme close-up shows fabric texture and finish in every detail.

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Video Editing

Customer confidence is key, and any variation in colour between still and moving images sows seeds of doubt.

If you shoot both stills and video with us, have no fear. We will match video footage to your stills, giving you colour consistency across all assets, maintaining that all-important brand trust.

Behind The Scenes

Enhance your website and social media content by including behind-the-scenes action from your shoot.

This content is loved by audiences, providing both a playful and entertaining demonstration of your products in action, and the opportunity to show the personality of your brand.

So, shall we?

Prodoto: leaders in professional fashion video production

Let our expert team of the country’s finest fashion photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.

Whether you’re a startup, household name or somewhere inbetween, we’d love to be part of your fashion brand’s journey.