Product Videography

Enhance your product marketing with video. Moving imagery aids customer decision making, imparting more information about your products than stills alone.

The demand for video content from online retailers and market places is ever growing, so why not get ahead of the game and add this valuable resource to your portfolio?

In today’s competitive digital landscape, professional product videography is essential for capturing (and holding) your target audience’s attention.

As a leading video production agency, let us help take your brand to this next level.

Product Features

Dramatic lighting and clever graphics combine to create impactful campaign and marketing video content. Highlight technical features and USPs in eye catching ways that will capture the attention of your audience.

Product Demonstrations

Clever product, deserves clever presentation. At our product videography studio, our team make your ranges move with creativity and skill.

Showing what your product does will increase engagement far more than descriptions alone, in a fast paced, demanding visual environment.

Excite your audience with day to night transformations, colour changes and ease of use demonstrations.

Graphics And Annotations

Use animated graphics and descriptive annotations to highlight technical performance features that may not be visible.

Darker backgrounds and high tech glitching effects can be added to ramp up the drama; creating eye-catching results perfect for marketing campaigns.

Background Settings

Make your product relatable by placing it in a relevant environment. Keep the setting simple to focus attention on the most important feature, without distraction.

Use slow motion pans across the setting to pick out textures and allow time to take in the details.

Animated Stills

Post production techniques can be applied to still images, creating motion effects without shooting video footage.

Just a hint of movement is all you need to capture attention and intrigue your audience.

Turn Up The Heat

Make your animations sizzle with glowing embers that highlight your product.

Videography Styles

'Product' covers just about everything, so there are many different options for showcasing yours. You can choose a simple plain background, or place your ranges in a lifestyle setting. Fashion video can be shot as still life, or on models.

Explore the full range of choices open to you from our professional videography studio.

So, shall we?

Prodoto: the product videography experts

As an agency, we’re proud to work with brands of all sizes; from startups to household names and all those incredible names inbetween.

Let our talented team of the country’s finest photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.

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