The Personal Touch

Your Production Manager gives you a single point of contact who can answer any questions you have. They are with you from day one and will support you right through to the completion of each job. Our team becomes an extension of your team, understanding your individual processes and requirements, and tailoring our response to give you a truly bespoke service.

From working on quotes for each different project, to planning your shoot and delivering images on schedule and on budget, your Production Manager is with you every step of the way.

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First Port Of Call

Starting with booking new jobs onto the studio management system “Focal Point” and scheduling time for your shoot, your Production Manager will ensure that they have all of the necessary details for the smooth running of your project.

Whether that is creating a shot list, identifying image specifications or the details needed to bring your shoot together, you have the support you need.

Dotting The i’s and Crossing The t’s

When you first work with Prodoto your Production Manager will work with you to create a detailed style guide covering how you want your shots to look. This can include both things that you really want, and things that you really don’t, so that our Photography and Post Production teams have a clear brief to work from. This can be updated at any time so that it is current with any changes to your needs.

They will create shoot documents with clear shot lists, including file naming and shot styling, so that every image is accounted for and named correctly. We can file name using any format so that your images integrate straight into your systems seamlessly, without you needing to amend anything.

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Always On Hand

Your Production Manager is easy to contact, they are on the end of the phone, email or available for virtual or face to face meetings should you need them.

If you are attending your shoot, they will also be around on the day to say hello and make sure you have all that you need.


As the font of knowledge about your project, your Production Manager will liaise with all other internal teams ahead of, during and after your shoot.

Advising Goods In on how your product needs to be prepared and liaising with Set Build where needed. Including a clear brief on your job for Photography and discussing necessary retouching with Post Production. All to make sure that when we deliver your images, they are perfect.

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Image Delivery

Your images are reviewed at every stage as they move through the studio. When they are ready to be delivered your Production Manager, as the expert in your requirements, has the final check ensuring that your brief has been met and that all of the expected images are accounted for.
They will let you know that your project is ready to be downloaded, and when you are ready, arrange for your stock to be returned completing the circle of life!

It Doesn't End There

As your dedicated contact, your Production Manager is on hand even once your shoot is complete.

If you have any questions, need any amendments, or when you are ready to book your next shoot, just get in touch with your Production Manager and they will be happy to help.

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