Professional Videography

Video offers benefits that still images alone can’t match.

As ecommerce grows rapidly, consumers are demanding more and more. Businesses are having to work harder to grab (and hold) our attention; 91% want to see more online video content from brands.

So, be sure to give it to them. As a leading video production agency, let us help take your brand to this next level with professional product videography.

Incorporating video alongside your photography gives your audience greater detail, better understanding and a moving reference of your products and services in use. Careful addition of soundtracks, voice-over or sound effects is the finishing touch.

After all, 84% of consumers say they have been influenced to make a purchase by watching a brand's video.

Lifestyle Flooring Video

Show flooring in a home lifestyle situation, with models to really bring life to your video assets. Add graphics and annotations to communicate all important details to your customers.

Creative Model Video

Use video to convey all of your garments’ special features, with added descriptive annotations and graphics.

Stop Motion Living Room Transformation

Show your customers what a difference your products can make to their homes.

CGI Product Creation

Modelling your product in CGI enables full creative control to show every element, every angle and even some impossibilities.

Lifestyle Bedding Video

Product demonstrations made easy with actors and a lifestyle setting. Use a combination of sound, voice over and music backing track to complete the video.

iLiv Textile Range

Beautiful fabric ranges shown in a bespoke room setting.

London Transport Museum Furniture

Featuring three ranges of Moquette furniture in iconic patterns.

Simply Fabrics

Showing textures and colours in a simple but effective video style.

Cap 360 Rotation

Shoot on black to create a dramatic feel for your 360° rotations — overlay special effects to give even more wow factor.

Creative Colour Change

Simple product shots given more impact by scrolling colour changes.

CGI 360 Boot Rotation

Create your product in CGI and place it in a natural environment, then spin through 360 degrees to show all sides.

McLaren F1 Shirts

Showing Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo from McLaren's new shirts as multiple rotations with added special effects

Stand out and be seen

Globally, we watch 100 minutes of video every day — a figure that’s continued to grow in recent years. Not only that, but 78% of marketers said that video helped them to directly increase their sales. Everyone can benefit from using video as a tool.

Including video production as part of your promotional resources is becoming a vital and accessible way for your customers to learn about you, your products and your services.

By offering your audiences more information, you will undoubtedly gain more custom. The key is to create great content and keep it snappy to hold the attention.

At our professional video production studio, we help brands and businesses of all sizes and sectors to take this necessary step.

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Video to inform, entertain and inspire

A versatile and creative medium, it's open to a whole host of genres for retailers; product demonstration videos, model catwalk videos, location shoot videos and more...

Videography invites you to be playful in your moving content, creating eye-catching animations and share-worthy GIFs.

It doesn’t all have to be directly about sales, either. Think behind-the-scenes videos; show how your products are made and where you source your materials. Share who you are and what you do — reach your customers using video.

Make your product move

From instructional videos to playful stop motion GIFs, the possibilities are endless. Promote special features and delicate designs from all angles.

As a leading videography agency, our talented team creates strategically-shot, beautifully-edited, visually-stunning videos that illustrate your products with simple-yet-sleek footage.

Creative Wrist Watch Details

Stylish detail-driven videography, capturing products in close up and using lighting to add drama.

Creative Product Video

Convey all of your products’ special features, with added descriptive annotations and graphics.

Creative Footwear Product Video

Showcase all of your footwear from all angles, with added descriptive annotations and graphics.

Floorcare Product Lifestyle

All aspects and features of your homeware products can be communicated easily with lifestyle videography.

Carpets Up Close

Show carpet pile detail with close up video pans to highlight texture.

Flooring Features For Real Life

Lifestyle settings in action highlighting all of the features of your flooring, including how to lay it, and infographics to show the product construction.

Carpet Texture & Pile Depth

Get really close up to carpet pile showing depth, softness and texture.

The new king of content

Your products brought to life

Video is exciting, multi-purpose content for a range of channels — ideal for growing awareness, trust and sales. 92% of those who invest in video feel that they get a good return on investment, with 99% of marketers who use it already planning to continue doing so.

Modelled fashion videos

Bring your garments and accessories to bigger audiences. Showcase form, fit, function and movement with modelled fashion videos.

Investing in professional videography means your consumers no longer have to guess about how your clothing ranges perform — helping you to close the purchase.

Fashion In Motion

Fashion catwalk style video to show your garments fit and movement.

Classic Catwalk

Simple catwalk video for e-commerce using static and panning cameras.

CGI Enhanced Jacket

Use CGI and animation to create your campaign imagery. Tell the story of your product with creative images.

Sustainable Trousers from Craghoppers

Threads from recycled plastic bottles go into making Craghoppers’ range of sustainable activewear.

Waterproof Features

Close up, slow motion video to capture the all important technical features of your garments, and the key selling messages you need to convey.

Plenty Of Pockets Stop Motion

Show just how much you can fit into your garments’ pockets with a fun stop motion.

Powder Burst

Take a still shot and add in a high-energy powder burst in contrasting colours to make your mannequin image really pop.

All the bells and whistles!

Carefully selected and timed to the rhythm of the images, sound can enhance and complete your video. Whether you choose meaningful and appropriate music, or descriptive and fun noises, added sound effects are the finishing touch.

Food Filming

Tantalise the taste buds by filming every stage of your food shoot. Clever use of speed ramping and slow motion along with added sound effects can create an entertaining visual.

Chicken tagine food video

Crisp, clean, mouthwatering footage of a sumptuous chicken tagine being prepared, with music providing the perfect accompaniment.

Animated Stills

Include special effects to spark extra interest in your product shots. A great addition for your social media channels.

Special Event Stop Motion

Have a bit of fun with your products for special events by creating animations with a story.

Product rotations

A simple, effective and informative way to present your products to your customers. Visually convey detail, design and unique features of your garments and accessories with 360° rotations.

Wrist Watch Rotation

Clean and detailed rotations to show every angle, highlighting finishes and textures.

360 Shoe Rotation

Rotations to show all sides of your product, with reflections included.

Don't hold back

Annotated features

Satisfy your customers’ need for more. More information. More detail. More angles. With so much video watched on mobile devices with the sound turned off, annotations or captions will increase engagement. Use text to convey product details and unique features as they appear on screen.

Stop motion

Stop motion animation enhances your website and social media content in many ways, providing a playful, imaginative and entertaining demonstration of your products in action.

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message they watch, compared to only 10% with text? Presenting your products using moving imagery has a positive impact on your customer engagement. Generate more likes and followers through creative animated shorts.

Stop Motion Bedroom Transformation

Show your customers what a difference your products can make to their homes.

Stop Motion Sustainable Features

Use stop motion to tell your product story, from the raw material to the finished garment.


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