Video Production
Inform, entertain and inspire
Retailers and marketers can no longer ignore the power and importance of video.

A versatile and creative medium, it's open to a whole host of genres for retailers; product demonstration videos, model catwalk videos, location shoot videos and more...

Create animations and gifs – be playful in your video content.

Behind-the-scenes videos; show how your products are made and where you source your materials. Share who you are, what you do - reach your customers using video.
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"60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description"
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Stand out and be seen with world-class video production
Growing and retaining a strong base of loyal customers is important to all businesses.

Including video production as part of your promotional resources is a clever and accessible way for your customers to learn about you, your products and services.

All businesses can benefit from using video; 80% of UK consumers use their mobile device to research products and services before they buy, by offering your audiences more information, you will undoubtedly gain more custom.

Incorporate both video and photography to promote, support and grow your business online. Don't let your business fall short, build consumer confidence and appeal by adding video into your marketing material.
Video - The new king of content
Your products bought to life
Consumers would rather watch a product video, than read a product description and are much more likely to make a purchase after watching. Video is an exciting and effective medium for reaching your customers, building trust and generating sales.
Up close and personal
Detail & design
Delicately detailed designs brought to life - all angles captured and beautifully edited into seamless, visually stunning videos. Illustrate your products with simple yet sleek engaging videos. You can almost hear your audiences' collective gasp and feel the tangible awe!
Product rotations
A simple and effective way to present your products to your customers. Visually conveying detail, design and unique features of your garments and accessories.
Don't hold back
Satisfy your customers need for more; more information, more detail, more angles.
Annotated features
Use text to convey product details and unique features as they appear on screen.
Stop motion
Stop motion animation enhances your website and social media content in many ways. Delight and entertain your audiences with the magic of animation.

Presenting your garments and accessories using moving imagery, has a positive impact on your customer engagement. Generate more likes and followers through creative animated shorts.
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Video Options
Prodoto on film
Product videos
From instructional videos to playful stop motion gifs. Promote special features and unique designs from all angles.
Room set & lifestyle videos
Advertise a range or collection of lifestyle products and homewares in one easily accessible video. Great for use across social media, online and marketing campaigns.
Modelled catwalk and fit videos
Take your garments and accessories to bigger audiences. Highlight form, fit and function with modelled catwalk videos.