A versatile and creative medium, videography is open to a whole host of genres for retailers; product demonstration videos, modelled fashion videos, location shoot videos and more...

Video is exciting, multi-purpose content for a range of channels — ideal for growing awareness, trust and sales. Of those who invest in video production, 92% say they get a good return, with 99% of marketers who use it planning to continue doing so.

It doesn’t all have to be directly about sales, either. Think behind-the-scenes videos for your social media; share who you are and what you do — reach your customers using moving images.

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Video Editing

Our in-house team will edit video footage; cutting clips together, adding motion graphics, special effects and annotations.

The magic of your video really happens in the editing suite.

Once the sequences and shots are perfectly arranged and timed, footage is graded and colours matched to your products or other still images, creating the visual appearance perfect for your brand.

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Carefully selected and in time with the rhythm of the images, sound can enhance and complete your video creating a mood and atmosphere to envelop the watcher.

Whether you choose meaningful and appropriate music or descriptive and fun noises, added sound effects are the finishing touch.

Alternatively, adding voice-over may be better for your video; imparting information and true tone of voice for your brand using professional artists to convey your message.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, let’s make this happen!

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