In-House Specialists

Our team of retouchers work with your preferences for styling and finish, becoming expert in your specific requirements. They know exactly how to present images with the perfect look for your brand.

On garments, they remove any unwanted fabric texture or folds creating a seamless smooth finish. Tweaking shaping to ensure perfect symmetry and finding solutions to correct details that are not quite right on the photography sample, are all in a day’s work for our team.

Products can be ‘polished’ to remove any slight imperfections, and drop shadows or reflections added if that is your preference.

Our in-house team ensure consistency you can rely on, time after time.

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Tools Of The Trade

Using top-of-the-range software tools to create detailed clipping paths and manipulate images, combined with the latest graphics tablets, our team have technology at their fingertips.

Whether they are dropping returns into garments, creating the magic invisible mannequin look, or realistic window views into room set shots, our retouch artists have all the tools they need to bring your photography to life.

Enhancing The Shot

Our creative team are at the top of their visual imagery game, adding that extra dimension to your product photography.

Special effects and dramatic backdrops can all be created in-house, meaning there need be no limit to your imagination. Creative retouching takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Whether you have a beach hut shot in the studio that needs transporting to Barbados, or a pair of mountain boots that really want to be halfway up Everest, a chat with our team will quickly highlight what we could do for you.

Before And Afters

Take a look below at some post production transformations to see the magic our team creates.

We do more than tidy up the walls and colour match, can you spot the differences?

Room 1 before Room 1 after
Room 2 before Room 2 after
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Accurate Colour Matching

When you are selling online you need accurate imagery. With 22% of customer returns being a result of items looking different to their ecommerce images, the quality of this final stage in the process is key.

Our experienced teams match your physical product to the image on their colour calibrated screens under daylight balanced lighting, ensuring the best colour representation possible.

Images are output using the correct colour profiles for your end use, whether that is digital or print.

Invisible Mannequin Timelapse

Watch the process behind the finished image.

Video Editing And Colour Grading

We don’t stop at stills.

In-house video editing and colour grading ensures that your moving video images are handled with the same care as photographic stills. In fact, if you have both as part of your shoot, we ensure stills and video match each other so that you have total consistency across your imagery.


Taking Care Of Your Images

Finished images are delivered using our client portal, a secure password accessed section of our website. Only you can access your images, so they are completely safe. Your images are held on the portal for a short time to allow you to download and save locally.

All images are stored on our secure in-house server and also backed up to cloud storage, so have no fear, if for any reason your copies of the images are lost, we will be able to retrieve them for you.

The Finishing Touch

Quality post production takes your images up a gear and presents your product perfectly to your customers. Let us show you how your images can be enhanced to help increase your sales.

We'd Love To Hear From You...

Let our expert team of the country’s finest photographers, stylists, set-builders, retouchers and account managers guide you from project concept to completion.