Stop Motion Animation

Be playful in your moving content. Stop motion is produced from many, many, still images which are edited together in sequence to form eye-catching animated clips with a distinctive style.

Have a bit of fun and tell a story with your products; use these on your website and social media channels to tie in with special events or seasonal product launches. The key: create great content and keep it snappy to hold the viewer’s attention.

At our professional stop motion photography studio, we create stunning animations to engage and entertain your audience.

Dressing Up

Show how your garments work together to create a complete look or outfit; particularly successful if you have layer upon layer to work with.

Build The Look

Why not show how your carefully created lifestyle shot is put together, piece by piece? Building that beautiful final shot, with an element of humour to entertain.

Evoke A Mood

Great seasonal content; play with colour and props to hint at an end use, or an environment where your products will be right at home.

Functional Fashion

We’re talking imaginative demonstrations of your garments in action; use longer animations to show just how versatile your products are. Give character to your ranges by bringing them to life in animated form.

Animated Action

Use seasonal tie in to events that are already a focus of customer attention. These are a great way to show multiple related products from your ranges, and encourage add-on purchasing.

With professional stop motion photography, you invite users to see your products in a distinctive, unique context — enhancing consumer perception of your brand and raising awareness of your entire offering.

Fun Christmas Promotion

Here Comes Summer!

Social Snippets

Stop the scroll and keep those eyes on your brand. Stop motion content is so consumable and easy on the eye, suiting it to the highly-competitive social media landscape, where you often have mere split seconds to make an impression.

Stop motion is dynamic and can be used across your website and digital marketing, ideal for generating more engagement, likes and followers. Not only that, but it doesn’t require sound — perfect for advertising.

Show Your Colour Options

Animate Your Products

Whatever The Weather

Explosive Drama

Lifestyle Locomotion

Create exciting content for your brand, putting the life into lifestyle!

Show how your product can add personality and character to interiors, or put the fun into fun-ctionality with animated clips of your furniture transformations.

Alternatively, use time-lapse techniques to create instructional videos, where real time action would not be practical.

Demonstrate Versatile Products

Show 'How To' In Action

Playful Product

At our professional stop motion photography studio, our talented team can work magic with the simplest of products.

Pack a visual punch with colours that tie in to your brand. Keep actions bold and your animations will be eye-catching and powerful marketing tools.

More Motion

Increase context and engagement by adding videography alongside photography as a powerful addition to your portfolio.

Provide your customers with a deeper understanding and moving reference of your products, working in tandem with and complementing your photography.

We can create a range of video material that’s ready to go. Content-ready for your social media campaigns, ecommerce website or other editorial needs.

So, if you're already enlisting our photography services, consider videography too - it’s a great way to maximise your time whilst your products are in the studio.


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