A feast for the eyes

We work with only the best in the business. Food stylists who are experts in their field, highly skilled at bringing that special magic ingredient to your food and drink photography.

Dark fruit basket 1
Espresso martini
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Perfect plates

Creating stunning images, from rustic home-cooked meals to refined classical dishes.

The winning recipe of the right tools of the trade, our state-of-the-art photography studios, and our expertise in this very specific field of commercial food and drink photography, has allowed us to create first-class imagery for leading companies within the food industry.

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Food styling
An art form in itself, food stylists are specialists in creating the 'straight from the oven' look.

Both creative and technical tricks are employed to ensure your recipes and ingredients look blanched, baked and basted to perfection.
Donuts Icing
Berry Cake Cropped

Food Filming

Tantalise the taste buds by filming every stage of your food shoot. Clever use of speed ramping and slow motion, along with added sound effects, creates an entertaining visual.

Plate up!

Great food photography has the power to conjure up tastes and smells, evoke memories and of course, make your mouth water.

Create desire and motivate your audience.

From recipe books to front of pack shots, we're passionate about photographing food and creating images that catch the eye and tantalise the taste buds.

Soup 3

Professional food photography studio

Styling and lighting

Teamwork at it's best. Bringing together an exquisitely dressed plate and perfectly styled set to create an impactful and inspiring image.

Bountiful banquets to soul-nourishing suppers; working together, our specialist team create stunning images for use across print, editorial and web.

Drink Pour
After Work Frittata
Banana Choc Loaf Main
Butternut Squash Boats

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