A Model Shoot With A Difference

Cute overload on this shoot with Kavee.

Specialist Product Ranges

Kavee have been producing cages for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits for 5 years. Their products are specifically designed, high quality, affordable and most importantly safe.

Born from the passion of two animal lovers who struggled to find acceptable cages for their much loved pets, Kavee are now an industry leading UK supplier.

Based on the Isle of Wight, the Kavee team made the journey all the way to Yorkshire to shoot with us.

Casting Call

We book a lot of models here at Prodoto, but rarely get as excited as we did with this brief.

When our client Kavee approached us to shoot their pet cages in lifestyle settings, we jumped at the chance of working with some of the cutest models around.

Knowing that petting zoo's had been having a tough time through Lockdown we decided to approach some local businesses to see if they could help, and we could give them some much needed support.

Animal Quackers just over the border in Lancashire, had exactly what we needed with an adorable bunch of baby bunnies.

The Brief

Kavee were looking for a versatile room set with a contemporary feel, that could be restyled to sit with their wide range of product colours and themes.

Their Cube and Coroplast cages can be formed into a range of shapes and sizes but the key is that they need to be large enough to give the Guinea Pigs and Rabbits plenty of room to move about. The room set had to accommodate this easily, and Kavee were also keen to show that their pet cages can enhance a room design and not be something that pet parents want to hide away.

Their brief included two different schemes for our stylist to work with.

Black White set cropped
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Set Design

Stylist Beck Hanson created a neutral set, and chose accessories to bring everything to life so we could quickly swap from one to the next, making the most of the single day shoot schedule.

Two very different looks, one using soft pastel colours with abstract art, and the other geometric brights and bold patterns

See more of Beck's work on her Instagram page

Pink Set Props 2023 03 03 163841 qppm
Set Design with Beck 2023 03 03 163854 blby
Black White Props 2023 03 03 163901 xeel

Behind The Scenes

Clients Clementine and Antoine loved meeting Animal Quackers baby bunnies, but they also brought with them their beautiful guinea pigs, Bagpipe and Mini, who would be the stars of the show.

ANIMALS 1 2023 03 03 164305 qztt
ANIMALS 3 2023 03 03 164311 sbsz
RABBIT Portrait crop 2023 03 03 164317 hexr

Shoot Day

We had a lot to get through, and it was a really busy day, but the main priority at all times was the comfort of our models. Shooting in early December meant the heating was working round the clock to keep the normally cool room set studio warm and cosy, and the usual noise from the set build team was kept at bay.

Shoot snacks of sweets and biscuits were swapped for carrots and lettuce leaves!

They say never work with children or animals, well we do both, and have to say these little guys were a joy to have in the studio.

The Finished Result

Senior Photographer Paul and Stylist Beck, worked their magic to bring a realistic lifestyle feel to the room set.

Natural looking daylight was created using our hard working Elinchrom flashes, so we could capture the animals without motion blur.

After the shoot day, Post Production Manager Andy took over to put the finishing polish to the images, including adding the all important window views completing that true to life setting.

"We have recently had the great pleasure of working with you to conduct a live animal shoot. We really love your work and are so grateful for the opportunity to capture some really great shots with you. We would love to express our appreciation for your company and let others know about the amazing session experience we have had."

Christina Schembri – Marketing Assistant at Kavee

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