The right tools for the trade
Perfectly sized mannequins, lighting, photography and skilled post-production, ensures your apparel and accessories look their best. We steam, hang and prep all your products upon arrival. Handling your items with due care and attention; priming them for their moment in front of the camera.
Spectres of the Studio
Undeniably, the most requested style of photography for fashion garments is invisible or ghost mannequin photography. The benefits of this type of photography are clear; the mannequin form shows off shape, drape and fit. Cleverly constructed garments and designer details are brought to life on the mannequin form.

By removing the mannequin in post-production and inserting neckline and waistbands, you show off your seasonal fashion favourites in full uninterrupted glory.
Red Dress Mannequin 1
Phantoms of Photoshop
Post Production, an important part of the process. Our photographers work to ensure minimal retouching is required where possible, but with invisible mannequin photography our skilled post-production team bring their experience to the forefront.

Expertly removing mannequins, straightening seams and perfecting colours, creating the final polish to your important images.
K069 Light Grey Cardigan
Outdoor 49
Kennel Club Core Leggings Navy
Me Groundup Logo Tee Mens Acid
Navy Blouse
Grimsby V Neck
Consistency is key
Accurate and informative images. Presenting your products with a defined image strengthens and builds your brand. Repeat styling and lighting for every garment, ensuring accurate colour matching across your model. Our expert ghost mannequin photographers know how to create images which provide a consistent look and feel across your website.
Fashion in motion
Stop motion animation enhances your website and social media content in many ways. Delight and entertain your audiences with the magic of animation.
Animated shorts or shirts?
Presenting your garments and accessories using moving imagery, has a positive impact on your customer engagement. Generate more likes and followers through creative animated shorts.
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