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Inspirational collections

From thick woollen tweeds to light and breezy voiles, we work with them all.

Swatch photography options are also available, which like our room set services, are carefully colour matched in post-production to ensure textiles are accurately portrayed in your final images.

Textiles are as much about how they feel as well as how they look. Using creative lighting to highlight the drape, colour and texture, our fabric photography will make your audiences want to reach out and touch.

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A world of colour and texture

Showing fabrics in a room set environment enables your consumers to visualise how your ranges come to life in an aspirational setting.
Our aim is clear, to create stunning images that reach out to your customers. Beautifully styled and photographed fabrics make consumers want to experience your designs, colours and textures in their own homes and spaces.

Emphasise designer details

Our team of creatives are highly skilled in producing top quality imagery that exudes luxury. Beautiful photography that promotes your brand and flagship products.

Highlight your bespoke and designer ranges with purpose-built room sets designed to work perfectly with your themes. Spark your customers' imaginations, bringing them on a journey and helping them understand the stories behind your designs. Images that help your audience to feel connected and inspired.

We recognise the importance of standing out in a competitive marketplace, so we deliver consistent images with every job. Providing continuity, building trust and helping your business to grow.

Whether you’re looking to re-brand, or for a fresh approach to delivering your photography needs, we’d love to help you take your fabric imagery to the next level.
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Bring your products to new audiences

Stand out from the competition and show your brand at it's best with high-quality product photography.