Rose Gold Cameo 7

Wall coverings

Showcase textures and patterns

Viewing a wallpaper sample and imagining it on a wall isn't easy. We design, build and style stunning room sets to showcase your products - helping your customers envisage their new wallpaper choices.

Patterns and textures come to life across a variety of walls and room layouts. Providing simple feature walls for close-up cameos or large room sets, displaying your wall coverings across hallways, walls and around windows.

Do your designs justice. Show their beauty, colour, texture and pattern to their fullest effect.

Lighting and composition is key

We spend time making sure lighting is natural, colours and sheens are represented true to life. Using creative compositions and optimum angles to present designs and textures at their best.

Reclaimed Wood Main 2
We can provide photography swatches of your collections, ideal for use across ecommerce and brochures.
Surface 1621 3 Square
Ophelia Damask Wallpaper 72X62 V2
Surface 1611 1

More than just wallpaper?

Why not add an interior element to your photo shoot. Promote multiple products such as fabrics or homewares, within one image. Show how your products complement each other.

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