The cherry on the fashion cake

Your finishing touches are our starting point, and they come in all shapes and sizes. We'll prepare your hats, bags, footwear and jewellery to look their very best before our skilled photographers shoot them, bringing out those all important details.

The Accessories industry is big business, a saturated market. Make sure your designs stand out amongst the competition, quality product photography is key to taking your accessories to new audiences. Promote your brand and inspire your customers with creative product photography.

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Seasonal trends

Spark imagination

We understand the part accessories play in completing your product offer.

The photography options are endless; choose from clear informative cut-outs, perfect for use on ecommerce, through to creative action-packed animations, ideal for sharing, generating and building followers across social media platforms.

Incorporate clothing and accessories from your ranges to make it easy for your customers to shop the full picture. Offering a host of marketing applications across print, website, editorial and customer focused newsletters.

Flat lay creative sets styled and arranged to perfection, convey the atmosphere of your brand and the season you are targeting.

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Technical accessories

Function over fashion

For the occasions when shooting your accessories doesn't mean a new pair of shoes or a set of diamond earrings.

Shooting your technical accessories, our photographers highlight key features and functionality.

Choose to shoot your products in a variety of ways. We can help you design concepts to show the breadth of your range or detailed ecommerce images, highlighting what your products can do and how they do it.

We have the technology to help. Stop motion animations illustrate movement and function, 360 rotations will illuminate every angle and precise detail. Come and talk to the PRODOTO team to find out more and see what options are available to you.

Highlight detail and texture through considered lighting and engaging photography

It’s in the bag

When your store window is a touch screen, we know how crucial accuracy and detail are in representing your products.

Making the difference between basket or bust, clean and clear website images are vital to your online success. Allow your customers to really see and almost feel the textures, colours and features of your accessories.

Ensuring consistent lighting, shoot multiple angles and backgrounds in photography, then careful colour match and clean up in post-production. Ensuring your web pages always look picture perfect.

Our post-production team supply images in optimal file and crop size. Making uploading your ecomm-imagery, a walk in the park.

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Without a shadow of a doubt

Drop shadows or perfect cutouts, white backgrounds or something creative, we can help you to make your accessories the stars of the show!

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There's no time like the present

Make a positive move to more successful customer engagement.