Environment and scenery

Produce captivating images that only a location shoot can bring.

Add another dimension to your fashion and product photography; set the scene and create a visual story with a location shoot.

Mountains, moors, or woodlands. Grand estates, ballrooms or urban backdrops. If you're looking to inspire your audience with tantalising, real-life settings, location photography can offer it all.

Eye catching images for use across website, billboard and editorials

Boost your brand with location photography

Location photography is an invaluable asset, enrich your marketing portfolio with engaging images across a wealth of platforms.

High-definition photography, perfect for use in print, editorials and billboards.

Think big or start small, whatever your brief or budget, we'd love to be part of your story. Helping you to grow your audience, build your presence and boost your engagements online.

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Location photography

Have camera, will travel

Our photography studios nestled in the South Pennines are perfectly positioned within easy reach of city, town and countryside locations.

Experienced in shooting on location all over the country, we're more than happy to travel where-ever needed, near or far.

Make the most of your time on location; our production and photography teams recce locations, take test shots for scenery and check access and logistics, making sure your brief is problem-solved and approved before shooting.

Bring the outdoors - indoors

Living on this sceptred isle, we know we can't guarantee the weather. Working with our fashion and retail clients, we also understand the need to shoot new season samples, ahead of the upcoming season. Using our purpose built roomset studio, combining clever photography and state of the art post-production techniques, we can create realistic and inspiring location photography, right here in our West Yorkshire photography studio. It's a location shoot; re-imagined!

Shooting in a controllable studio environment enables you to make the most of your time. Achieving the results you need without compromising the perfect look and environment for your seasonal fashions and products.

Be ready to market your fashion and accessories on time and on budget. With a complete image portfolio - mannequin, model, lifestyle and location photography, all created and available under our PRODOTO roof!

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