Packshot Photography

Promote key features and product details with informative packshot photography.

Impactful and concise; quality product photography has the ability to impart information quickly. Nothing beats a photograph for instant consumer connection.

Stimulate sales

Quality packshot photography supports and builds brand recognition; a key factor for boosting sales.

Create a collection of images your consumers recognise as yours - building trust and familiarity, whilst attracting new customers to your products.

Whether you choose to highlight brand details or key product features; shooting your products for cut-out photography and placing them onto a white backdrop displays your products in a clear and concise manner. Choose to add a drop shadow or mirrored reflection in post-production to lift your images off the page.

In our capable hands, your products will come to life - communicating design, function and available product options.


Packshot Photography

Follow the leader

Illustrate your expertise as a brand leader, use packshot photography as an opportunity to build consumer confidence and brand loyalty. Show your experience and knowledge in your industry; professional photography to represent a professional business.

Our friendly and approachable team of dedicated creatives are here to help and ready to support your business; improve brand loyalty and grow consumer reach.

Once you have completed a shoot with PRODOTO your Production Manager makes detailed briefing notes confirming your product styling, lighting and post-production requirements. Building a style guide for future shoots, making the process easy for you to send your products; happy in the knowledge your images will be returned on-brand and on-brief, shoot after shoot.

In the spot light

Our skilled packshot photographers highlight the important details that make your products unique.

Choosing angles and focal points that represent key features, demonstrating designs clearly and effectively.

And if your product lights up, even better! Taking multiple exposures to capture the natural light emittance from your products, our photographers ensure all reflections are kept natural and never overexposed.

Working together with post-production you'll receive images that correctly convey the natural light thrown by your product; informative and effective photography that demonstrates the full capabilities of your designs.

CMF036 2 AM Cloud Grey Pair
Light and shadow
Help your products stand out. Choose to add a drop shadow or mirrored reflection in post-production.

Create realistic graphic effects that make your products pop.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Repeat styling; angles and lighting for each product and garment. Creating consistent images your customer can rely on, building trust for both your brand and products. Dealing with high volumes and tight deadlines is what we do best, our large packshot photography studio and experienced team provide a professional, reliable service you can trust, shoot after shoot, season after season.

Brand out

Ensuring your branding is always on show. Making the connection clear between your brand and your products.

Packshots are a perfect combination of aesthetics and information. Product presentation at its best.


Bring your products to new audiences

Stand out from the competition and show your brand at it's best with high-quality product photography.