Seven steps to creating the perfect interiors photography brief

When your product is homeware the likelihood is that you will need to find a commercial photography studio to help you create lifestyle imagery for your projects. But how do you communicate what you need effectively?

Ensuring your products are captured in exactly the way you want needs a little careful thought from the word go.

We have shot more interiors than we can remember in our decades of commercial photography, so we wanted to share a simple outline for creating a photography brief that will help us, to help you, deliver a successful interiors project.

1. The end result

Where are these images going to be used? Are they for your website, for marketing material or promotion? Are they for your social media platforms?

The end use tells us a lot about the style and output for your images. In lifestyle photography more than most others, the crop is very important; so if you need square for social media, and widescreen for web banners, your stylist will need to take this into account right from the start when designing your set.

2. What is your product?

The first question your photographer will ask is "what is your product", and "how do you want it to be styled?"

Whether your product is homeware or flooring, bedding or textiles, the type and scale of your ranges will be crucial information from the start. Once that is established, your photography team will want to know the type of setting you are looking for, and the mood you want to create.

Do you have crisp linen bedding that you want to show in a bright, airy bedroom space to sit alongside your ecommerce product shots?

Or, alternatively, are you looking for a dramatic campaign image for the launch of your latest range of textiles?

Adult Bedroom Daylight Lights On Finished

3. Will one set work for all?

If you have multiple ranges or designs, now is the time to consider whether they can all be displayed in the same style environment. If you want a different look for each you may need multiple set builds, but it may also be possible to achieve a variety of looks from just one set with creative design and clever styling.

White Bedding Pillow Detail
Window Pane Bedding Pillow Detail

4. Think about your brand image

If you have a relaxed vibe you may want your product, or its environment, styling to reflect this. The additional props and design of the room setting can all add to the aspirational portrayal of your product.

But, if you are all about smart technical innovation, your images will need to reflect this with clean, stylish settings.

5. Ready for your close-up?

Remember to show the all-important details and features of your product with cameo shots and close-up images. If your ranges have specific USPs let your photography and stylist team know in advance, so they can plan the best way to capture and highlight these as part of your shoot.

L18093 Y Venice Click Golden Oak 5

6. All just a matter of time.

Lifestyle shoots are generally based on time. Will you need one day, two days, or two weeks?

If you know how many items you need to shoot, and how many shots you think you need of each, let your photographer know so that they can give you the best timeframe for your project.

Share the dates too! Do you have a marketing milestone you need to achieve? Whether that is a launch of a new website, a new range or a direct mail deadline, giving this information upfront ensures there are no disappointments later, as interiors shoots need more preparation than most.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but room sets can be if needed!

7. Nothing is impossible!

Maybe your budget won't allow for a trip to the Arizona desert, or to the Swiss Alps, to fulfil your product shoot desires; but that doesn't mean your image dreams can't come true.

You might be surprised to find that amazing magic can be created in a photography studio with the help of a talented set build team, and some creative retouch genius.

Without a discussion with an experienced photography agency, you could be missing out on some interesting styles or concepts!

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