Teach and reach

Demonstrate a new design feature, a garment function, how a mechanism works or the best way to coordinate the latest seasonal attire.

The power of animation helps you to illustrate movement, tell a story and educate your audience.

Engaging, quality animation drastically increases engagement.

60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description.

Engage and inspire

Generate interest with animation

Stop motion fashion photography allows you to communicate with your audience in a totally different, more engaging way. Highlight a design features, or show how to accessorise or layer an outfit. In this world of in-your-face advertising, stop motion brings an irresistibly exciting element to your marketing. Animation entertains.

Animation is fun

Not only that, it can also grow your followers and improve your brand awareness.

Compared to regular media content, stop motion animations are more likely to be viewed and shared by your consumers, with 60% preferring to watch a video rather than read a product description.

As a professional stop motion fashion animation agency, we help your brand cut through the noise by creating easy-to-digest, powerful animation that holds your audience’s attention.

The power of stop motion at your disposal

Animation can be used simply and effectively, or as part of a more ambitious project. The only limit is your imagination. Maximise your marketing portfolio by adopting this fun, exciting and illuminating medium.

Stop motion

Stop the scroll

When executed well, stop motion fashion photography is truly irresistible — the perfect type of content for growing your following across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Our experienced team knows precisely what it takes to keep those eyes fixed on your content.

Videography, for even greater context and engagement

Working alongside photography, video is a powerful addition to your portfolio. It provides your customers with a deeper understanding and moving reference of your products and new information, working in tandem with and complementing your photography.

We can create a range of video material that’s ready to go. Content-ready for your social media campaigns, ecommerce website or other editorial needs.

So, if you're already enlisting our photography services, consider videography too — it’s a great way to maximise your time whilst your products are in the studio.


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