Teach and reach
With the aid of animation, you can demonstrate a new design feature, a garment function, how a mechanism works or the best way to coordinate the latest seasonal attire. Illustrate movement and quite simply, tell a story.
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"60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description"
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Engage and inspire
Generate interest with animation
Show your customers how to accessorise an outfit, use a tool and discover a useful design feature. But most of all, use animation to entertain. In this world of hard sell in-your-face advertising, stop motion animation brings a light-hearted element, to your marketing material.
Animation is fun
But don't brush off it's ability to grow your followers and improve your brand awareness. Compared to regular media content, stop-motion animations are more likely to be viewed and shared by your consumers. The majority of online shoppers prefer to watch a video than read a product description. Animations are easy to digest, they have the power to hold your audiences attention and the ability to cut through the unrelenting noise of regular sales campaigns.
Entertaining, informative and engaging content
Animation can be used quite simply and effectively, or part of a more ambitious project. The only limit is your imagination. Get in touch, we'd love to help you include this fun and exciting medium into your existing marketing portfolio.
Stop Motion
Need inspiration?
If you're looking for new and engaging ways to grow your social followers or improve your brand awareness, talk to PRODOTO about introducing or expanding your use of animation. Stop motion provides the perfect solution for entertaining, informative and engaging content. Product videos offer market growth across; YouTube, Vine, Google+, Instagram, facebook & twitter.
Video offers benefits that photography images alone can’t match.

If you're already shooting your product photography with us, why not utilise our videography services to maximise your time whilst your products are in the studio? Providing you with a range of promotional photography and video material that can be used across various campaigns and online platforms.

Let us help take your business to the next level. Incorporate a video alongside your photography to give your consumers more information, better understanding and a moving reference of your products and services in use.
Bring your products to new audiences
Stand out from the competition.
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