In The Studio - Sports & Leisure

Multiple model shoots, prolific product shoots and regular room sets all on the go!

A round-up of what has been in front of our cameras over the last few weeks. All of the studios have been jam packed with action. Here is some of the behind-the-scenes action, giving you a taste of Prodoto life.

All The Room!

We started the month with plenty of room sets filling not only Studios 3 & 4, but spilling over into Studio 2 as well!

Contemporary fireplaces and linen bedding were first up, and a stunning set build was underway.

1 E5 A6930 cropped
1 E5 A6722 cropped
1 E5 A6747 2022 08 16 112211 fluv
1 E5 A6834 2022 08 16 112216 rntw

Sports Focus

Cycling, golf, boxing and motor racing all featured in Studio 1 with some of our favourite brands making an appearance in a distinctly sporting atmosphere. A mix of mannequin, product shots and creative flat lays added plenty of variety to our lives.

1 E5 A6778 cropped
1 E5 A6787 cropped
1 E5 A7069 cropped
1 E5 A7123 cropped

Meanwhile at the other end of the studio...

Model shoots for a regular client ladies wear brand with lovely model Eloise Ridge, product shots for another long term fashion brand client, and some leisurewear flat lays kept Emily and Annie busy.

1 E5 A7039 cropped
1 E5 A7172 cropped

Over in Studio 3

Preparations well underway for the start of a 20 day shoot for Spring Summer 2023 with interiors client SMD. The set build team worked flat out to get as many sets as possible into the Studio 3 space ready to begin.

Marvelous Models

Models of all ages graced the studios as outdoor brands continue to fill the schedules.

1 E5 A7319 cropped
1 E5 A7572 cropped
1 E5 A7709 cropped
1 E5 A7748 cropped

But it's not all fashion

A brand new client came in to shoot some lovely height adjusting desks that we all now have on our wish lists, and some very cool safety eyewear was on tabletop before moving on to a model shoot in the near future.

1 E5 A7541 cropped
1 E5 A7790 cropped

On the room set in Studio 2

We were shooting another Christmas set-up in the blazing sunshine. Perfect for having a roaring fire!

We can't wait to be able to share the finished shots with you when December strikes.

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