In The Studio - Outdoor & Underwear

The fashion studios have been a hive of activity, with still life and model shoots in both studios 1 and 2. Meanwhile studio 3 was the scene of some portfolio work. Here is some of the behind-the-scenes action, giving you a taste of Prodoto life.

Branded watch shoot with Lister Horsfall

Prodoto MD, Will, took to the camera for this creative shoot with local jewellers Lister Horsfall. Zest Media briefed the concepts for 5 images, all with different colour co-ordinated backgrounds, for the branded watches to sit against.

Soon to be seen in Absolutely Yorkshire magazine as a set of high end advertising images, so keep your eyes peeled for the final results towards the end of the month!

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Lingerie Brand Heist

We got that Friday feeling when Heist popped in for a mini model shoot with Aminah Kweku & Leah Harris taking centre stage. Photographer Emily, just by chance, beautifully co-ordinating with the shoot!

Outdoor & Fitness Brands

Several of our regular clients were filling the still life fashion studio bays; with mannequin, flat and product photography all being expertly styled by Corrie, Emily and James.

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Open season for golf

Long standing client Acushnet's new season golf clothing was being shot on mannequin by Annie, ahead of their model shoot later. With British golf riding high after the US Open, we're all looking forward to the start of the British Open in July to see more golf clothing in action.

No Lounging around

New mannequin photography for Lounge Underwear was the first batch of a what is a larger project for this stunningly successful lingerie giant, who we have worked with since their start-up.

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And sticking with the 'underwear' theme, James had a change of scenery working with our custom cast mannequin legs, as he was shooting socks for Bridgedale. These legs were created in-house especially for this client. The feet are in very specific positions, ensuring their socks are shown at the perfect angle.

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Over in the product studio...

Clients Propaganda were shooting with Tony for their Hot Tools electrical beauty product project. Hair styling products being shot for both ecommerce, and creative campaigns.

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In Studio 3 (aka "the room set studio")

A day shooting with Riva Home for their Paoletti bedding brand had stylist Gillian Broome teaming up with photographer Corrie to create an autumnal bedroom setting.

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And then...

As part of our on-going portfolio of creative work, we set up a cosy atmospheric setting for a whisky centred video. Perfect for our website and social media channels, the finished video will have added sound effects to complete the 'picture'.

See the end results on our gallery pages, and our instagram feed

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Meanwhile, in the model studios

Paul and Tony were kept busy with model shoots as Autumn/Winter '22 season got underway.

Paul was shooting with the Tog24 team.

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And Tony was busy next door on a five day shoot with Charlie and Olivia from Montane, and their models. As ever, the weather was boiling hot for the days shooting padded winter jackets!

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