The Faces Behind Team Prodoto

Unless you visit the studio for your shoot, the chances are the only people you really know at Prodoto are our Production team, the daily voice of our business. We want you to get to know the rest of us as well, and feel part of the Prodoto family.

First up, given that photography is what we do, these guys are kind of key! Our Photography team are a talented bunch with a range of experience that works perfectly in support of our broad client base.

New Recruits

Recent additions to the team are Tony and Annie.

Tony comes to us with over 25 years experience in the industry and immediately impressed with his talents and capability. Having worked for a couple of studios and major businesses prior to joining our team, there is not much that he hasn't seen before and taken in his stride. Given that experience, Tony is comfortable working across all product areas, so whatever you need to shoot you have a good chance of working with him, if you work with us!

Annie came to us straight after finishing her Fashion Photography degree this year, and we have just found out she is graduating with a 1st. To say we are quite proud is a bit of an understatement! Having completed work experience with the studio while still at school, Annie was a familiar face to many on her return. She has already proved to be an invaluable member of the team in the fashion studio, and we can't wait to help her flourish in her new career.

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Photography Manager Paul heads up the team, and is our resident food expert. With vast experience of lifestyle shoots, he is in great demand from our room set clients who love to work with him time after time.

Second in command is Corrie, who along with Paul, has been with Prodoto for many years, knowing our clients inside out. An absolute gold mine of information on styling and shoot techniques she is a vital member of the team.

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Emily & James joined us at the same time and have been with Prodoto for almost a year.

Emily has a background in commercial portrait photography and has fantastic people skills. Putting models at ease and getting the very best from them, she is a popular regular behind the camera on our fashion shoots.

James came to us with a wealth of still life fashion experience from behind the camera at a top fashion retailer, as well as product photography for major high street brands. He has extensive experience in stills and video, making him a versatile core member of the team.

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Videography lead is our Head of Creative Steve, who is behind many of our creative projects for both clients and our own portfolio work. Also our resident creative retouching genius, if you need something just a little out of the norm, it is usually Steve that will deliver it for you.

Andy is our videographer and behind the scenes photographer. With a background in both photography and post production retouching, Andy has an eye for detail second to none. His knowledge and experience are invaluable, on both sides of the camera.

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Lastly...... on some occasions, Will can be found behind the camera rather than his usual place behind the business.

Our founder and MD started out as a press photographer for many years prior to creating Prodoto as a product photography business that has grown and grown.

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