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Video: The King Of Content

My affection for moving images started from a young age. For me, it's about the art of storytelling. It's what led me to my studies at university. My first day in class, our tutor raised the question, why do we make media? We sat there, momentarily pondering this simple but important question. He knowingly responds “to entertain, to inform, to inspire”. These words have stayed with me, I think of them as the Golden Rules of media production.

Almost 2 decades have passed since my university days. Over the same period of time we've witnessed the advent and rapid development of mobile and smartphone technology. Thinking back to my previous laboured efforts, sending a message to a friend’s pager – I sat in awe in 1999, sending and receiving my first text message. Skip forward 6 years and it's the WAP (internet browser) enabled phone. My childish joy at seeing the google homepage on my tiny mobile screen. Clumsily obtaining information through slow download speeds, being able to cheat (eventually) at a local pub quiz without having to phone my mum in the ladies loos (we didn't win by the way, karma held out). Quickly fast forward to today and I use my mobile, like many do, to watch videos, catch up on news and shop.

Online purchasing is projected to grow. 80% of UK consumers use their mobile device to research products before they buy. The share of ecommerce purchases through smartphones and tablets is forecast to reach 69% by 2020. We're using handheld technology to our advantage, making the most of this enabling and versatile tool.

As competition grows, online consumers are demanding more information. Businesses are having to work harder to hold our attention. According to research “78% of online shoppers want to see more products brought to life through imagery. Over three quarters of consumers want more photographs – at least 3 to be exact”. It makes sense therefore, that online retailers who offer their audiences more information, gain more custom.

As a marketer, what 'more' can you give? Alongside great images, video is quickly becoming the new king of content.

In 2019 we quoted for more video projects than in any previous year. Although we have seen an increase in video productions, we are finding that general attitudes to video is that it’s still considered a luxury or an ‘add on’ if marketing budgets allow. We know that won’t remain the case and that understanding and appreciating the benefits of video is growing. Video will soon be considered a main concern for ecommerce marketing material.

Some of the most illuminating information revealed in the latest research is that videos build trust. 58% of consumers think companies with product videos can be trusted. Building a strong base of loyal returning customers is vital to all businesses, both B2C and B2B.

60% of consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description and consumers are between 64%-84% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.

A quick internet search yields a whole host of statistics, supporting the growth of businesses who use videos to promote their products and services. Illustrating improved engagement, increased sales and improved success in marketing campaigns. Think with Google have analysed some interesting data supporting the increase in shoppers habits and reliance on using video to support their purchasing. But for me, it's still about storytelling – video is a powerful medium for reaching people and sharing information.

Marketers can no longer ignore the power and importance of video. A versatile and creative medium, it's open to a whole host of genres for retailers, for all budgets and sizes. Product demonstration videos, 360 product rotations, model catwalk videos, lifestyle videos, location shoot videos and more! Create animations and gifs – be playful in your video content. Behind-the-scenes videos; show how your products are made and where you source your materials. From a 10 second snippet to a 10-minute biopic, the breadth and depth of video is endless, as a medium for communication it’s potential cannot be undervalued.

Build trust with video; entertain, inform and inspire. Share who you are, what you do; reach your customers with video; the newly crowned king of content.

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