Top Trends In Product Photography

Never has professional quality imagery been more important when marketing and selling your product ranges. With more and more retail moving to online and the growth of social media platforms as shop windows, being able to convey your products accurately and attractively is high priority. Customer interaction and engagement is key in this digital sales environment.

65% of people are visual learners who will give more attention to any communications that contain imagery rather than text heavy sections. Content with images will receive on average, 94% more views than content without. In addition, people are more likely to remember information that is presented as an image, rather than any other way.

So what are the important trends to consider when planning your next marketing campaign or product launch, so that you can brief your photography studio or agency to create on trend imagery for your brand?

Highlighting Sustainability

More than just a buzzword, sustainability is now at the forefront of product development, so shout about your achievements as part of your marketing imagery.

Whether you choose video animation like the one below, cleverly illustrating your manufacturing processes, or still images that reference your sustainable credentials, make sure your target audience knows the hard work you are doing in this important area.

Holmbe Crew Womens Steve
Sustainability case study screen 2


Already popular with interior and homeware sectors, showing your product in 'real life' settings and natural scenarios is increasing in demand. Website marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay now strongly recommend this style of image in addition to more traditional "cut out" product shots for all listings.

This imagery has many benefits; when customers view your products they are not just buying an item, they are buying into a lifestyle. Making your imagery as aspirational as possible, and targeted at your key markets, will tap into their desires.

Showing products in a setting aids buyer confidence; more accurately conveying size and scale, as well as demonstrating suggested use.

Enabling the viewer to more accurately imagine your products in their own home will make their purchasing decision much easier.

3 Garden Cameo 1
ADDIS 1977329168

Flat Lay

Use props, textures and background colours to enhance your products and create interesting compositions. A great way to showcase multiple related items from your ranges in a creative way.

Flat lays can be used for any product you can imagine. Often shot from above giving a birds-eye view to maximise the interplay between products. They can form striking graphic shapes, or be a little more natural, but are most successful as minimal "less is more" arrangements.

Alternatively drop the camera angle down a little to create depth and shadow that provides another layer of interest.

Wonderful for web banners and product pages, and striking on social media these powerful images are definitely worth adding to your portfolio.

Black gold products full range shot gold resized
Graphite Plate Set
Running Shoe Group 5

Natural Lighting And Minimal Retouching

This is all about openness and trust. Customers want to know that what they are buying will look the same as your photography.

Your professional photography studio will be able to light your products in a way that resembles natural sunlight. Using this soft lighting technique creates an authentic, true to life, representation of how products will look in their own homes.

A light touch when it comes to post production is also welcomed by consumers who like fit and fabric appearance to be as realistic as possible. Image manipulation is an area to be treated carefully, balancing essential retouching with maintaining a genuine product representation.

Sitting bed 6


An impactful trend that works for pretty much any product or photography style; matching backgrounds to product colour creating images of a single hue.

This trend creates a feeling of richness, luxury and comfort, and is particularly popular for food shoots as well as product.

Colour drenching is a growing trend for interiors, and this seems to be spilling over into other areas due to the eye-catching power of these images.

Where appropriate you can also bring in an element of colour psychology, matching your chosen colour to the mood you want to create around your product. Yellows and oranges spark joy and are uplifting and energising, whilst reds are long associated with passion. Go dark with blacks, plums and midnight colours to create a moody atmospheric image.

Creative Food 08
3315 Creative Model 07
Ankle Socks Grey
HEADWARE Team Cap Replica Papaya
Hair Straighteners
Food photography 19141
Watch 2 Zest Media
Dark fruit basket 1


Content and retail platforms are now demanding video in greater quantity due to its power for engagement and interaction.

It is well known that moving images catch more attention than stills, but they are also perfect for demonstrating product with multiple features and benefits that may be tricky to convey in a static image.

Technology has advanced meaning that video footage can be more compact and included without impacting site performance. This allows freedom to show more product, in more detail, to more people! It is no wonder this is a trend that is set to grow and grow.

Video is also an extremely versatile medium, to find out more about how your brand could benefit from including it, and see lots of examples, check out our video pages.

360 Degree Rotations

Similar to video, this content is being driven by online sales. Initially considered a bit 'niche' and potentially short lived, the demand is growing, particularly for certain product areas.

A small tabletop set up is relatively straightforward. Either created from still images, or continuous video, your smaller products can be shown as 360 rotations with ease. Larger items and garments on mannequin are more involved, and these sectors still have some limitations for cost effective results, but this is changing fast.

According to a recent 1WorldSync survey, online shoppers rate 360 photography as the "most helpful" form of imagery when making a purchase. As a global product content platform, they should know!

Including rotations for your products has numerous benefits; they keep customers on your pages longer improving engagement, they deliver better product understanding and confidence, and very importantly increase sales and reduce returns.

To find out more about our 360 Rotation services and see more examples, why not visit our dedicated page.

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